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Scatter acoustic carpet tiles are woven from 100% solution-dyed nylon onto QuietBack integral felt backing, removing harmful materials while boosting sound absorption. Designed down to the thread for superior acoustic performance.

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Finish Colors


Minimum Acoustic NRC Rating

Clean and quiet. Perhaps a pop of color?  acoustic carpet tiles weave a very modern theme in textured loop pile onto our QuietBack felt backing, a process that boosts sound absorption while stripping away materials that are harmful to the environment. Combine shades of charcoal, mix in strands of color. These planks are made for work and play.


We help designers, architects and owners meet their clean building goals by testing all of our products against internationally recognized environmental and human safety standards to protect our employees, our customers, and future generations. Read more about our sustainability work here.





100% Polyester



Recycled Content

60% minimum

NRC Rating

.35 minimum


1/3″ (8mm)


19.7″ x 19.7″ (500mm x 500mm)

Fire Rating

ISO 9705: 1993 Group 1, AS ISO 9705: 2003 Group 1, ASTM E84-17a Class A

How to specify

Specify Step 1

1. Select an area.
Soundscape your space by placing enough sound absorption where it will have the greatest impact. Hint: adjoining surfaces with sound-absorbing materials reduce reverberation more efficiently.

Specify Step 2

2. Select a color.
Choose from our palette gallery. Color combinations create overall patterning and are perfect for large areas.

Specify Step 3

3. Select a size.
Take the dimensions and get in touch so we can help you soundscape your space efficiently.

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