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Architect, Designer, Illustrator and Artist: Doug Wittnebel Joins Acoustic Art Project

Doug Wittnebel is an architect, designer, illustrator, and artist – also known as “the Designer who cannot stop drawing.” Like many artists, Doug sees the world through a unique lens. His artwork is a result of his unique viewpoint, combined with his undying interest in visual phenomena, a deep sense of history, and a dry sense of humor. This, combined with multiple layers of sound practical experience as a freehand artist and designer, forms the basis of Doug’s artistic collection – and Acoufelt is thrilled to have him on board.

Holding a Masters Architecture Degree from Tulane University, Doug has more than 30 years of experience across a number of design and architectural-focused companies, collaborating with technology, energy, and financial firm clients. Recently, Wittnebel’s career led him to direct the vision of project teams at Gensler Japan and U.S.A., Parco Japan, and IA 103 Thailand. Doug’s award-winning projects have been published in the San Francisco Business Times and Forbes, among other media.  Doug has since returned to his home in Walnut Creek, California to focus on his illustrations and paintings.

The Acoufelt Acoustic Art Collection reflects Doug’s time in Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong where these locations helped fine-tune his abilities to quickly understand new points of view and alternate ways of expression. It was during this time that Doug was able to focus on capturing these foreign scenes in numerous sketchbooks and digital tablets.

Doug tells Acoufelt “The more you draw, the more you can decipher the hidden depths of the creative process,” he says. “The process of group and individual sketching becomes the spark for igniting new possibilities.” The collection represents a curation of pieces from a mix of his own personal galleries, aptly named ‘Journey’, ‘Maps’, ‘Food,’ and ‘Humor’. Each piece will now be given a new functional dimension, printed on acoustic material using Acoufelt’s QuietPrint™ capability, enabling the art piece to also serve as a vehicle for sound absorption.

The relationship between Acoufelt and Doug Wittnebel is deep and long-standing. With both parties’ knowledge and passion for good design, the decision to partner with Doug on the Acoustic Art Project was instinctual.


Kristi Rubino


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