Husch Blackwell


Husch Blackwell, a Missouri-based litigating and business services law firm, enlisted architect, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide to revitalize their Phoenix branch and curate a space that would not only inspire its employees but stimulate the client onboarding journey from start to finish.

Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic planks in color ‘Log Cabin’ cover the ceiling above the kitchen break-out space, reminiscent of a fine-dining and elevated bar experience. The acoustic planks provide the biophilic appeal of real wood, whilst also being the preferred lightweight option for the ceiling. The planks also deliver on achieving NELSON’s sustainable design goals, being made from 60% recycled material.

Moving to inside the main boardroom, one can observe the subtle ‘Chevron’ pattern of Acoufelt’s acoustic Fracture Panels in color ‘Iris’. The color and texture of the panels provide a cool contrast against the warm finishes and rugged, desert outlook, as well as serve the functional purpose of absorbing excess sound created in the space.

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